Joy Badder, Executive Director of OPSOA

Photo of Joy Badder

It is a privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Ontario Public Supervisory Officers' Association. OPSOA, as a professional organization, represents over three hundred Superintendents and Directors of Education from the thirty-one English language Public Boards of Ontario. OPSOA supports these educators in their leadership to champion and advocate for the fundamental education rights of all students in Ontario.

The work of OPSOA focuses on three commitments:

  • We will develop the leadership capacity and skills of all members.
  • We will strengthen participation and engagement in OPSOA/PCODE.
  • We will influence and shape education policy and practice in Ontario.

The OPSOA Board of Directors, Supervisory Officers and Directors throughout Ontario work tirelessly to achieve these goals by serving on committees and representing OPSOA provincially, nationally and internationally. Our vision of leading a fully inclusive world-class education system will be realized through these concerted efforts.