Wayne Joudrie, Executive Director of PCODE

Photo of Wayne Joudrie

Greetings! In the role of PCODE Executive Director, I am delighted to serve the public directors of education for the province of Ontario. PCODE Directors of Education are members of OPSOA (Ontario Public Supervisory Officers’ Association).

The Public Council of Ontario Directors of Education (PCODE) represents the chief education officers and chief executive officers of the 31 public district school boards in Ontario. PCODE members provide the leadership and management required to ensure high quality organizations, dedicated to improving student achievement and well-being. PCODE members serve over 1.2 million Ontario students and manage operating budgets in excess of $12,000,000,000 annually.

PCODE Priorities for 2016-17 include:

  • Continue to strengthen professional relationships with key stakeholders in best interests of public education.
  • Work with CODE and the government to establish fair Executive Compensation for directors and supervisory officers.
  • Support directors to voluntarily explore and share Closing-the-Gap strategies.

PCODE provides the leadership and service that ensures that the “Achieving Excellence” is the reality within Ontario’s Public Schools.